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Worker’s Comp Pro Tips: Finding the Right Doctor is Key to Approval

Worker’s Comp Pro Tips: Finding the Right Doctor is Key to Approval

Struggling with bureaucratic red tape is challenging during the best of times. Dealing with a complex federal system when you’re injured, in pain, and worried about getting essential treatment can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, the Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs is not in the business of making things easier for injured federal workers. As a matter of fact, the OWCP injury acceptance rate is at its lowest point in the past two decades.

So, what can you do, as an injured federal employee, to improve the chances of having your disability claim approved and receiving the medical care and benefits you so desperately need? The first step is choosing the right doctor.

Understanding the Importance of Choosing Your Own Doctor

As a federal worker, if you’re injured on the job, you have the right to choose your own doctor. This very important right gives you the opportunity to choose an advocate in your physician. The right doctor knows the in’s and outs of OWCP and can help you prove your injury claim.

Unfortunately, many injured USPS employees, TSA workers, DOD staff, and other federal workers don’t realize how important it is to choose a doctor who’s knowledgeable in the mechanics of the OWCP process. These injured employees opt to go to their own doctors. They mistakenly believe it will be helpful because their own doctor knows their medical history.

The DOL-OWCP process is complex and challenging. Physicians who haven’t dealt with this before are at a loss, and this means their patients are, too. Workers’ comp disability claims are often approved and denied based on the way the worker’s medical reports are written. For the inexperienced physician, drafting these reports correctly is nearly impossible. This highlights the need for finding the right doctor for your OWCP injury claim.

A Blizzard of Paperwork

Are you aware of how much paperwork is involved in proving a federal workers’ comp claim? Your regular doctor probably doesn’t know, either. Proper filing of the appropriate forms – like CA-1, CA-2, CA-7, and CA-17 – is essential in successful federal workers’ comp claims.

Finding a Federal Workers Comp Doctor

Doctors who work with injured federal employees have to jump through a lot of regulatory hoops. Sadly, these obstacles have limited the number of physicians who are willing to take on these complex cases. If you’re a federal worker suffering from a work-related injury, you may have already discovered this. An online search for “OWCP claims experts near me” is likely to have yielded some very disappointing results.

Choosing a Physician Who’ll Advocate for You

While experience and know-how in the DOL-OWCP process is key in proving your injury claim, they’re not the only considerations. You want a physician who understands what you’re dealing with, supports you, and is dedicated to securing the care you need .

At Elite Healthcare Center, our experienced Federal Workers Compensation Physicians are on your side. They’re familiar with the way these claims work, and you can express your needs and medical requirements with no fear of misunderstanding. Our knowledgeable doctors offer expert care. They will advocate passionately for you. Their understanding of the OWCP process can help secure the additional medical treatment you require.


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