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When your life is disrupted by pain, it’s hard to do your daily routine or even get a good night’s sleep. Your job performance, relationships, hobbies, overall health — all of these aspects of your life suffer when every movement causes pain.

At our Bethesda pain management clinic, our first priority is to address the pain that is disrupting an individual’s life. That means finding the right physician to consult with and chronic pain treatment that works.

If you have tried everything from DIY treatments to living a healthier lifestyle to conventional medicine, and you’re still suffering, maybe it’s time to try the Bethesda Pain Management Clinic’s pain rehabilitation program.

Our Pain Treatment Services

We offer joint pain care, neuropathy pain relief, hormone therapy, physical therapy, and deep-tissue laser therapy. Our experienced personal injury doctors can help you get back to normal after an accident, and we have excellent working relationships with personal injury attorneys in the area — so we can refer you to a lawyer who will help you get the compensation you deserve. And we have federal workers comp doctors on staff, as well as DOL experts who can help with every aspect of the Office of the Workers’ Compensation forms.

Our on-site pharmacy is expedient, offering our patients a one-stop shop for both pain management and prescriptions. This also gives us a better ability to design or produce medications to meet a patient’s requirements.

With our integrated services, we are better able to increase our patients’ quality of life, evaluate the underlying causes of pain, and help them rehabilitate from their injuries. Overall, our goal is to treat pain, provide effective physical therapy, evaluate joint pain and offer effective, alternative treatments for pain.

We practice the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders that cause physical discomfort or pain, with joint and back pain treatment being some of our specialty areas.

Neuropathic Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

When patients suffer from neuropathic pain, they experience shooting pain that is often chronic and difficult to treat effectively. It seems hopeless at times, but we offer therapy that has a lasting impact on our patients.

With neuropathic pain, symptoms can vary in intensity from severe and constant to occasional and discomforting, or a nuisance pain that won’t go away. With our therapy, neuropathic pain can be relieved effectively without taking the usual shortcuts or delivering ineffective or short-term results.

Deep-Tissue Laser Treatments

The deep-tissue laser offered at our pain management clinic reduces inflammation and pain and is effective in treating post-operative pain and chronic issues of inflamed tissue. We can offer our clients hope for dealing with painful injuries or lesions.

How is Our Clinic Different than Others?

We are not a clinic that first reaches for painkillers as a means to relieving pain or managing pain. When it comes to chronic pain, we believe that medication can actually complicate the problem. It can turn the pain a patient suffers into acute pain and may also be addictive.

We’re objective and critical of the results of using sleeping pills, prescriptions to address anxiety, and muscle relaxants. Often, medications are prescribed to counter the side effects of opioid prescriptions. That creates a prescription domino effect where medications are prescribed to counter other medications. Stomach problems, nausea, anxiety, interrupted sleep and other problems are sometimes the result of taking too many prescription medications.

We believe alternative approaches to pain management are well worth a try, and we have had a high rate of success.

What Can a Client Expect From a Pain Treatment Clinic with No Narcotics?

One of our goals is to get your body moving. Body motion helps relieve pain.

With arthritis pain in particular, movement of the joints is extremely important to the success of the treatment. Factors that limit your range of motion can be counteracted in therapy.

Why is motion so important? The shortening and hardening of muscle tendons from disuse can lead to the rigidity of joints, causing more pain and mobility problems. These contractures can often be treated without medications.

Massage, heat treatment and exercise are some of our preferred treatments compared to prescriptions and medication. This approach is beneficial in more ways than simply relieving pain. To ensure lasting results, we also teach the importance of exercise in dealing with pain. We believe that physical therapy and occupational therapy can significantly improve joint function and lead to better mobility as well as injury prevention.

We’re Here to Serve You

Our health care providers are committed to integrity and compliance with the highest standards in the health industry. The treatments at our pain management clinic effectively address the problems of chronic pain and have a lasting impact on the quality of life of our clients. The relief we can provide from chronic pain positively improves our clients’ moods, their ability to interact with friends and loved ones, and their ability to perform on the job.

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