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Hip Pain Treatment in Rockville

Hip pain is a common complaint seen in pain treatment clinics. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States suffer from this issue, especially as we age. This type of pain is particularly devastating because it can limit mobility, range of motion, and ultimately interfere with your ability to perform normal daily activities.

The thigh, groin, buttock, and side of the hip are all considered part of your hip. Hip pain can be true hip pain, originating in the groin, thigh, or side of the hip, or pseudo hip pain, originating in the buttocks or referring from the low back. Hip pain can make navigating stairs, walking, running, sitting, and standing difficult. Your hip pain could be caused by a lack of leg strength in your lower legs.

There are several potential causes of this pain. Regardless of the cause, there are several lifestyle changes and medical therapies that can help you to relieve your pain and get your life back. Learn how to heal naturally, feel better, and get back to doing the things you enjoy – without the need of medicines, injections, surgery, or ignoring the pain.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Hip pain can come from a variety of causes. Injuries are a very common source. If your hip joint itself has been injured, you may feel pain on the front of your hip or even in your groin. If the soft tissues of the joint are involved, such as muscles and ligaments, you may feel the pain on the outside of your hip or even your buttock.

Injuries in that area commonly cause painful conditions such as hip fractures, sprains, and dislocation. If the hip area has been subject to wear and tear rather than a sudden injury such as a fall, you may develop pinched nerves and other nerve conditions that can cause pain in the hips, such as sciatica.

Hip pain also can be caused by a variety of inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, and synovitis. Conditions of the bone like osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, and osteoarthritis also can contribute. Last, several kinds of cancer and leukemia can cause hip pain.

The first step to treating hip pain is to find out what is causing it. We can then begin treating the pain and restoring your mobility.

When to Get Help

Many people live with pain for a long time, assuming it will eventually go away. There are a few warning signs that it is time to see a joint pain specialist:

  • When you have tried standard home treatments and they have failed
  • When the pain comes on suddenly
  • When you consistently suffer from hip pain at night
  • When your mobility and ability to perform your normal daily activities are affected
  • If the pain is unbearable
  • If you cannot move your hip joint
  • When you cannot bear weight or walk on the affected leg
  • When there is sudden and intense swelling of the tissues around the joint
  • If you have signs of infection such as fever, chills, or a rash

Home Remedies for Hip Pain

Many people can temporarily manage their joint pain at home using a few simple tricks. Some of these are common knowledge while others may come as a surprise.

  • Remain active, performing gentle, low-impact exercises such as swimming
  • Talk to your physician about over the counter anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen
  • If you are overweight, consider losing weight to reduce the load on your joints
  • Perform gentle stretching and range-of-motion exercises
  • Use heat or ice on a daily basis over the affected area

None of these options will address the root issue causing your pain. However, they will reduce your discomfort, offer some pain relief, and increase your mobility until your body heals or until you are able to get medical treatment.

Medical Therapies

In addition to home remedies, there are several ways that a pain treatment health care clinic can help you address your pain.

The exact plan will depend on the cause of your hip pain. However, many people do not need surgery to reduce pain and increase joint function.

Physical therapy is a very popular option for hip pain, through it you can learn exercises that increase your flexibility and range of motion. The chiropractor can also show you how to strengthen muscles that help to support and strengthen the hip joint. If assistive devices are necessary, they can help you get fitted and show you how to use them.

This type of physical therapy is one of the most effective treatments for chronic hip pain. Although it can take time and hard work, many people find it resolves their symptoms.

Physical therapy is even more effective when people use it along with some of the exciting new treatments for this type of pain.

Innovative Treatments for Joint Pain Near Me

At our pain treatment clinic, we are proud to offer some of the newest and most innovative treatments for hip pain.

One such option is called viscosupplementation. This treatment directly adds a layer of cushioning to your hip joint, which can resolve many causes of pain. The process is simple. We begin with a joint injection that reduces swelling and inflammation in the area. This can take one to two treatments, and most patients see an immediate reduction in their pain.

Once the swelling has subsided, we will inject a viscous substance into your joint that adds the cushioning and lubrication that is often absent from aging joints. We continue weekly injections for up to five weeks, depending on how much help your hip needs.

This treatment is based on new technology but has already become a very popular option. Our patients love it because there is almost no downtime and it provides lasting relief from stubborn joint pain.

Regaining Your Health and Mobility

Hip pain can have devastating effects on your lifestyle. There is no need to live with this. If you are interested in finally addressing your pain, contact our clinic today.

We offer free consultations so you can find out more about the treatments we provide. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment!

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