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On-Site Pharmacy

Why do we maintain a pharmacy on-site? To make things more convenient for you!

Our onsite pharmacy allows you to get some of the most common prescriptions filled at Elite Healthcare Center during your visit. This saves you time and energy; you can head straight home or go about your day!

About Our Pharmacy


How We Operate

During your visit, an Elite Healthcare Center clinician will ask you if you wish to have your prescription filled onsite. If so, a member of our team will promptly begin preparing your prescription. Often, your prescription will be ready for you when you check out!

Why Choose Elite Healthcare Center’s On-Site Pharmacy?

You probably have a drugstore at which you normally get your prescriptions filled. Why make the change to the on-site pharmacy at Elite Healthcare Center?

  • It saves you time. When you get your prescription filled at Elite Healthcare Center, it’s ready before you leave. No need to stop at the drugstore and wait in line!
  • It is extremely convenient. Our onsite pharmacies are open for longer and more convenient hours than most area drugstore pharmacies.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 301-231-5055.

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