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Our Standards

The Highest Standards of FECA and OWCP Compliance

When you need treatment for an injury or illness, choose the team of doctors that operates with the highest standard of ethics. Every member of our medical clinic is trained in DOL OWCP compliance. From the doctors to the staff, we prioritize FECA and OWCP compliance and are committed to exceeding the standards.

Committed to Integrity and Compliance

When you visit the Elite Healthcare Center facility in Washington D.C., all of your treatments, billings, and filings are done “by the book.” We are here to serve you, and through our specialized training and compliance processes, we can minimize delays in your recovery process. We comply with all federal standards. Don’t jeopardize your rights as an injured worker: if you’re in the greater Washington area, Elite Healthcare Center is the facility that you need to choose.

DOL Experts Familiar With DOL-OWCP Specialized Forms

The doctor’s office that you choose to provide care for your work-related injury has a tremendous responsibility. Failing to abide by the federal OWCP guidelines can cause major delays and hassles for you! Federal employees in the greater Washington area can trust that Elite Healthcare Center is dedicated to providing the highest standard of DOL-OWCP medical care.

DOL Doctors Must Be Federal Workers Comp Experts

Elite Healthcare Center proudly serves Washington D.C and the greater Washington area. If you have suffered an accident or other work-related injury, trust that we have set our standards to make sure that your treatment is never delayed. The experienced Elite Healthcare Center staff understands how to prepare your claims so that there are no delays in your recovery. Call Elite Healthcare Center now for the best care available.

At Elite Healthcare Center, we have experience:

  • Clearly linking your injury to your federal job (Causation).
  • Ensuring that your DOL forms are handled correctly.
  • Getting your CA1 or CA2 injury claims accepted.
  • Helping you with Continuation of Pay (COP)
  • Helping you with your Claim for Compensation (CA7)
  • Correctly filling out your CA17 Duty Status Reports
  • Performing your Schedule Award Impairment Ratings
  • Getting you the treatment you need so you can get back to work
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