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Dealing with chronic pain is something that can greatly affect your life. If you are not able to find relief from your pain, it can be difficult for you to have any real success in your career or schooling. Our Washington DC pain management clinic can help you find relief from chronic pain and get your normal life back — without addictive painkillers or surgery.

At Elite Healthcare Center, there are professionals trained in joint health and the treatment of back pain, arthritis and other causes of chronic pain. Our specialty areas also include personal injury care, workers compensation care, peripheral neuropathy treatment and testosterone replacement therapy.

Our healthcare professionals will be able to help you get your life back on track while giving you the freedom you need to pursue your life’s passions. We will work with you to find a system of drug-free pain management that will help you push past the pain and towards a successful and full life.

Pain Management Services We Offer

When you have pain, we work with you to develop a treatment plan to help you feel better. Whether you are dealing with a new injury, an old sports-related injury, a fall at work, or arthritis, these are just some of the problems that our pain center can help you through. Our team of physicians and physical therapists will be able to help you decide which methods of pain relief will be best for you in the long run.

How is our clinic different from others?

What makes our clinic different from others is that we take alternative routes to pain management rather than turning immediately to pain medicine, since narcotics are a dangerous and addictive way to fight pain. We use more natural forms of pain relief that will give you the benefits of feeling healthy without the risk of opioid addiction.

What can you expect from a pain management clinic that does not use pain medications?

Working with a pain management clinic that doesn’t use meds means that you really have to put the work in. We focus greatly on physical therapy that is going to help you rebuild your strength and fight off the pain.

We also use natural supplements that will help you get your body back to a healthy level. Incorporating a healthy diet into your life will also be one of the avenues that we will take to make you healthier and more pain-free over the long run.

We can help you get your hormones back on track

When you have a hormonal imbalance, particularly testosterone in men, you are going to have a difficult time dealing with your pain. We use exercise and natural supplements to provide you with hormonal replacement therapy that can get you feeling vital and young once again. This treatment can be very beneficial when you are trying to fight back joint pain or when you are recovering from an injury.

We can help you bounce back from your personal injury quickly

It is common in everyday life to have an injury that you weren’t expecting. Whether it happens on the basketball court or in the workplace, these injuries can put you on the sidelines. They not only keep you out of work and away from the things that you love to do, but even affect your ability to go through your everyday routine.

With our physical therapy, you will be able to get back to work faster than you could have expected. Our trained professionals will find a schedule and formula for you to get back the strength you need to return to work and play quickly.

We provide top-notch physical therapy for our patients

We have a highly skilled team of physical therapists who have years of experience in pain management. The physical therapy we offer gives you the ability to finally start feeling better once again.

Before you know it, the work you are putting in with your physical therapist is going to pay off. The stronger your body gets, the less pain you will be in on a regular basis. Your strength and flexibility play a big role in how you will feel over the long run, and can even help prevent future injuries from occurring.

Joint pain management clinic

Natural supplements and physical care are two of the ways that we can help you with joint pain that might seem like it just won’t go away. There are many exercises that we use in order to strengthen your tendons, ligaments, and muscles to keep them from hurting and promote healing.

Peripheral neuropathy treatment

When you deal with neuropathy, it is nearly impossible to play golf, type on your keyboard at work, or enjoy playing instruments like the piano or guitar — pretty much any activity involving your hands is affected.

The numbness and burning in your hands and feet that peripheral neuropathy can cause are something that no one should have to deal with. With our take-home treatment program, Nerve ReBuilder, you can experience medication-free pain relief with fewer trips to the doctor’s office.

If you are ready to finally get rid of the pain that you are feeling on a regular basis, give one our professionals a call today. We will be able to work with you to create a plan for success to finally become pain-free. You will be able to feel freedom from your pain that will allow you to push your life to a whole new level.

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